Rés-EAUx : a scientific water network in social sciences at the University of Paris Nanterre

Rés-EAUx (ex-Rés-EAU P10) is a scientific network that enables scientists, students, civic associations, and technical professionals to connect, exchange information and ideas, and collaborate on water topics. The network is based in the department of social science at Paris Nanterre University. It gathers Masters and PhD students, as well as researchers engaged in worldwide water studies.
The aim of this network is to enable scientific analyses in multi disciplinary perspectives in order to deepen the debate on water issues in contemporary societies. Therefore, we organize seminars, workshops, conferences, and debates inspired by our current research and fieldwork experiences.
In order to improve interactions among students and research centres from the parisian area, Rés-EAU P10 is connected with the similar initiative of rESeau P8 established at Paris 8-Saint Denis University,
Rés-EAUx is open to any student or researcher interested in the social dimensions of water. Masters students are welcome. Please contact us for further information.
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