Conférence : « WATER SAVINGS IN IRRIGATION »  – 13 et 14 novembre 2019 à Montpellier

Conférence : « WATER SAVINGS IN IRRIGATION » – 13 et 14 novembre 2019 à Montpellier

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Objectives of the conference

In the context of climate change and pressure on water resource, the issue of water savings in agriculture is becoming increasingly acute. The conference is proposed to bring together all stakeholders concerned with water savings in irrigation: operational, institutional, technical, scientific actors and private companies as well.

Thematic of the conference

The conference focuses on scientific and technical questions linked with the water savings attainable through changes in irrigation system or management. It deals with quantitative water savings in irrigation: attempts and achievements in European countries, results of experimental trials, farmer practices’ monitoring… Water savings are considered at both transport (network) and application (plot) levels. They include all irrigation systems (surface, sprinkler, localized irrigation) and scheduling tools as well.


Participation is free but registration is mandatory.

Registration deadline: September 15th 2019.


Experience feedbacks, scientific workshop, round table, field trip.

Call for communications for the scientific workshop

Deadline for abstract submission: 8 September 2019

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