Offre de Post-Doc « Water and Society » à l’université d’Uppsala (Suède)

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L’université d’Uppsala (Suède) propose un contrat de Post-Doctorat de deux ans « Water and Society »,

pour une prise de poste au 1er septembre 2018 (candidatures jusqu’au 31 mai 2018)


Pour avoir l’ensemble des informations, suivre ce lien : Offre Post-Doctorat Uppsala


« Within the framework of a recently granted ERC project (HydroSocial Extremes), we are announcing a researcher position. The project aims to unravel the interactions between hydrological extremes (floods and droughts) and society. 

The researcher will be placed at Uppsala University, Department of Earth Sciences, Programme for Air, Water and Landscape Sciences.

Project description: Human societies strongly rely on access to water resources, which are essential to support livelihoods and provide favourable conditions for sustainable development. While benefiting from water services and struggling with water-related disasters (floods and droughts), humans also alter the hydrological regime by building dams, canals, levees, etc… The purpose of this project is to understand the dynamic relationships between water and people by exploring how societies change the hydrological regime while, at the same time, hydrological changes simultaneously shape societies. This work will aim to improve our understanding of human-water interactions, and the dynamics emerging from the feedbacks between hydrological and social processes. The study will be part of HydroSocialExtremes, an ERC project that aims to unravel the interactions between hydrological extremes (floods and droughts) and society. The work will also be carried out in support of three strategic research goals of the department: natural hazards, climate and sustainable development.

Qualifications required: To qualify for a researcher position you must have a PhD or a corresponding degree. A PhD in political science, human geography, or similar studies is required. The applicant must be proficient in spoken and written English. Working experience from developing countries is meritorious. »


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