Live Stream – Water Justice and the Commons – May 24th – 13:00 (UTC)

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The International WaTERS Network is happy to present our next event featuring Tom Perreault (Maxwell School, Syracuse University), Bibiana Duarte and Rutgerd Boelens (Wageningen U and CEDLA/U. of Amsterdam), Joan Martinez Alier (ICTA-UAB), Gisselle Vila (PUPC), Hug March Corbella (IN3, UOC), Daniela del Bene (ICTA-UAB), Sergio Villamayor-Tomas (ICTA-UAB), Fabio de Castro (CEDLA/U. of Amsterdam), Jeroen Vos (Wageningen University)

This event will explore the relationship between the commons and water justice. The conventional theory of the commons has been criticized for not paying enough attention to how historically-shaped patterns of power and conflict context shape the access to and use of resources. Our speakers will explore how the scholarship of water justice can help move the theory of the commons forward by scrutinizing how, beyond the large, visible injustices, there are also many “hidden” water world injustices, subtly masked as “rational,” “equitable,” and “democratic.”

This 3 hour event will feature a number of different speakers. These include;

  • The editors of the multi-author “Water Justice” book just published by Cambridge University Press and the Justicia Hídrica / Water Justice Alliance.

  • A series of individual presentations on cutting edge topics associated to water justice and the commons.

  • A discussion about ways to move forward in the interface between these two research strands.

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Full Schedule


 Book/s presentation (Water Justice book series)


Interventions by:

  • Tom Perreault (Maxwell School, Syracuse University)

  • Bibiana Duarte and Rutgerd Boelens (Wageningen U and CEDLA/U. of Amsterdam)

  • Joan Martinez Alier (ICTA-UAB)




Individual presentations


Introduction to Water Justice concept, practice and scholarship (Rutgerd Boelens,  Wageningen U and CEDLA/U. of Amsterdam)


Small-scale Artisanal mining and water justice: a pending agenda (Gisselle Vila, Social Sciences D.,PUPC)


Water remunicipalization in Barcelona (Hug March Corbella, IN3, UOC)


Dam building conflicts and environmental justice (Daniela del Bene, ICTA-UAB)


Environmental justice movements & commons management (Sergio Villamayor-Tomas, ICTA-UAB)




Synthesis from individual presentations (Fabio de Castro, CEDLA/U. of Amsterdam)


Open discussion (Fabio de Castro, moderator)


Closing note (Jeroen Vos, Wageningen University)

PDF VERSION Live Stream – Water Justice and the Commons

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